Buildwin provides an administrative system specifically oriented towards Jobcost Control, integrated with all the essential bookkeeping functions.

In many construction organisations, the administration is focussed on satisfying Creditors, the Bank and the Tax Office, without providing dedicated managerial reports to allow improved operational management. Project staff tend to double up transaction processing in spreadsheets in order to provide managerial reporting.

Buildwin provides these reports in the language of the Australian Construction Industry simultaneous with all the functions of accounting software.

Buildwin caters for complete Contract Administration of Variations and Progress Claims, Security of Payment management and RCTI's. Retention Management for both Creditors and Debtors with the view to deferring GST obligations is a feature.

Dedicated routines for Cost-Plus contract arrangements ensure that no expenses are missed. Labour and Plant charge-out rates can be set at project-specific values.

Company owned plant items are treated as "profit centres" to derive break-even rates for more competitive tendering, and in the process ensure accurate Jobcost reporting.

Dedicated and substantially automated Overhead Distribution features are inherent because of the separation Jobcost and General Ledger data collection.

Flexible budget capability allows forecasts to keep pace with site conditions and fund-flow management. It also allows continuous and accurate assessment of positive and negative Work in Progress at any time.

All of these complex issues have been cloaked in easy and user-friendly processes and logical menu structures.

The processing of ¾ of a company's paper-flow (in the form of Creditors' Invoices and Timecards) can be taught to (even casual) staff in less than an hour.

In summary, Buildwin will assist in revolutionising your administration into a smooth, professional and ever more efficient and enjoyable 'machine'. We train and support to get people enthusiastic about their acquisition.

Our users wish they had implemented the system earlier.