The Trial Version

The Trial (or demonstration) version of Buildwin is a fully-functional version, with the following exceptions:

  • Data for only one company is accessible. The licenced version allows operation on data for multiple companies.
  • The installed data is a Demonstration Data Set. Specific data for your company (or companies) will be created with a full licence installation.
  • The free Demonstration Licence only lasts for 30 days, after which the software will cease operating (except to warn that the licence has expired). If further time for evaluation is required, please contact us.
How to download and install the Demonstration Version of Buildwin
  1. Click on the download link (below).
  2. A window will appear asking you to Open, Save or Cancel - click Save.
  3. Nominate a location to save the download (eg: your Desktop), and click Save.
    The software will be downloaded to your computer. This may take some time, the file is about 50MB in size.
  4. Double-click the BuildwinSetupX_XX icon in your save location.
  5. Follow the instructions for the setup process.


In order for us to provide the right Buildwin set-up for you, we ask you to send us the following information:
  1. Contact Details
  2. Software you are currently using:

  3. Your current type of construction work:

  4. Your workers are currently:

  5. What would make your administration work better for you?

  6. Please give us 3 times that you would like us to contact you.